pho·tog·ra·phy: the art or process of producing images of objects upon a photosensitive (as film in a camera) by the chemical action of light or other radiant energy.

Interested in photography? We offer quality photography from some fine local Master Photographers. If you have our experts frame your selection, 20% of the retail price of the Photograph will be discounted from the framing price.

Photographers, which we feature:

RHS Mitchell
RHS Mitchell
A native Texan, studied art from the age of five and started work at twenty as an advertising artist and copywriter. Thirty years later, with a career in New York and Dallas behind him, he left the business world to pursue a passion for art photography, combining this with a love travel with Marion, his wife since college. From five continents Mitchell has put together collections of what he calls “found art,” defined as images he sees in the streets and byways of the world that others might pass without noting. The photographs shown here are from three of his portfolios titled “Ships and Shorelines,” “Destinations,” and “The Italian.”


9” x 14”$95
14” x 20”$195
20” x 30”$295
30” x 40”$395

Larger sizes priced on request.

All prints are delivered mounted, titled, numbered, and signed, except for the 9” X 14” size which is not numbered. All numbered prints are limited to 50 except for “The Colors” which is limited to 100.

Prints are mounted on acid-free museum quality board and are guaranteed color-true for 25 years. Prices do not include state and local sales taxes.